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16% more than the local agent experts + Good value marketing investment

We had our property on the market with one of the areas leading agents for over 6 months and after spending several thousands of dollars to “find a buyer” the best offer they tried to get us to take was $974,000.

After interviewing Ozway we discovered that there was a whole different way to sell they all the other agents were not doing or suggesting.

Ozway sold our property in just 5 weeks and their marketing campaign generated 49 additional buyers who didn’t know our property was on the market and got us sold for $1,150,000. That’s $176,000 more in our bank account. Thank you Ozway.

Hi, I'm Anthony.

What we found with the previous agents that we dealt with in the past, they just had open for inspections, there was no pre-qualifying of any buyers, people would come through, we wouldn't know who was coming through, if they were tire-kickers or really interested parties.

So we went through a large process with the first agency, [with] many many hours of preparing the unit for the opens. At the end of the open for inspection we'd have no luck, no feedback, and we ended up spending about $6000 on the campaign with no results and as we spoke about before, no real offers.


It was so different. We knew when we got a call that there was going to be an open that day, they gave me a list, they said this is what we're going to have – we're going to have people coming through who are ready to buy if they like what they see – and it was a very very different way of approaching the whole sales campaign.

After the open for inspection I would get a phone call straight away, to give a run down [of] who saw it, what they thought, what the comments were, you know, what other properties they were looking at.

So really from our perspective throughout the campaign, we knew exactly where we stood really throughout the whole process, getting to the end when the offers were coming through, and the management of the offers was very very professional, down to the end.

At the end it's all about finishing and closing the deal.

Barry: Did you get any offers from the previous agent that you had it with?

Yeah we did, I mean we had – that was the other thing. We had nothing on paper, so you know, he threw some numbers out at us, but nothing was in the vicinity in which we wanted. So I just kept saying “Listen, not interested, not interested, not interested”.

Barry: What would you say the two or three main differences that you didn't see other agents offering in the marketplace, Anthony?

Ok, I think firstly the way the property is presented on the internet. So firstly for me, that was I think when I went through the presentation initially and saw the way it was presented with some other examples, that's what really drew me in. Because the whole idea of capturing the details of any prospective purchaser was quite intriguing to me in terms of then you can have a conversation. Because all the other properties, all the information is there and you don't know who's looking at your property.


They give enough information where it brings a potential purchaser in but then allows the agent to then to have the discussion and really give them the opportunity to sell the property. Which to me is so much more of a stronger selling point than just having all the information on the internet and people look at it, and it may be the right property for them but they just glance at it and move on.

So this is definitely a way to have a web that captures all potential purchasers.

And again, a better return on investment for us.


- Anthony Hersh
07 Mar 2024

$140,000 more than the local area agent experts

Hello my name is Alan Keyes, I am the owner of 53 Flood Street and we have recently sold this property through Ozway Realty.

Our previous agents, who shall not be named but there a very large well known brand on the market, managed to achieve an offer for us of $1,500,000 which we refused, which wasn’t enough.

Ozway managed to realise a price for us of $1,640,000 and a very short settlement time.

Their straight forward attitude and honesty, was very much appreciated as previously we’d been with another agent who had recommended that we put it on the market for an expected price of $1.6m to $1.8m.

The reality of it was when they were speaking to buyers they were saying high $1.3m to 1.4m’s.
Consequently that gap would never be filled.

So, they were lying basically and on top of that we had a very expensive marketing campaign.
We felt very burnt and violated by this.

They are a large very well known company within Sydney and they came in with all guns blazing, with absolute confidence that we would be able to achieve the price of between $1.6m and $1.8m. The reality of it is that they were saying a completely different figure with a differential of 500 thousand. So they were saying high $1.3m’s to $1.4m’s to the buyers.

Barry: Did they tell you they were going to suggest that ?

Alan: No. We had said to them on no uncertain terms that we had to sell the property for $1.65m, otherwise we wouldn’t sell, but the reality of it was they were going back and speaking to the buyers and saying high $1.3m to $1.4m’s.

Barry: so what happened when you confronted them about this and you found out?

Alan: they denied it.

Luckily we actually had an email to prove otherwise, so we sacked them on the spot.

So, we lost nearly two and a half months of selling time and Ozway Realty had a very, very hard job to sell the property after that because buyers that were previously interested that were told $1.4m, were then, Ozway Realty had to say, no, the reality of the price is much higher, but they managed to achieve it for us so we’re very happy.

Barry: What about other people, if they’re not sure who to go with, or they are trying to decide who to sell with and they see these well known agents out here or they see Ozway. We don’t seemingly have a big market share or anything, why should they speak to us about selling their property Alan?

Alan: They should speak to Ozway because they are honest and they say it the way it is and they really do have your interests at heart. So, rather than achieving a quick sale, which a lot of big agents do, because for them the difference between 100k – 200k when were selling to them is very little in commission. But it makes a huge difference to us the people who are selling the property.

I thoroughly recommend Ozway for their honesty, and straight forward approach and it certainly came up trumps with us.


- Alan Keyes
07 Mar 2024

I didn't have to spend $6,000 or $7,000 dollars on marketing and sold above other agents

The agent that I actually went with initially, with them they said that I could get, you know, about 150 to 200 thousand more than it actually sold for, and I knew that was a bit unrealistic, but they tried every tactic for me to try and actually bring down that price, you know, by another 50 thousand. "Oh let's get more people here, if we reduce the price we can get more people in."

The appraisals that agents were giving, you know, they'd give you a really high price and they'd come down, and everyone knows that that's what they do. So, you know one of the agents quoted about 30-40 percent more than what I knew that I could get from the market. Other agents, you know said 20-30 percent more.

You know I didn't have to spend $6,000 or $7,000 dollars on marketing.

With Ozway, I literally spent about $878 – literally. That's all I spent for marketing. And he marketed my property exactly the way I wanted it. Within two weeks we were getting people in the house, you know, much much better than what the other agent did in three months, and we sold the house I think – what was it? Within about four or five weeks.

He had a number of people that bid for the house which means I got the price that I wanted. But it wasn't just the price, it was talking to the actual buyers themselves, to find out what sort of settlement time, because I wanted a fast settlement time, and the price and everything else that goes with it, to negotiate something that works for me and works for the buyer, and that way everyone ends up happy. So at the end of the day – today's a great day, we're going to be settling today, so thank you, cheers.


- Maz Zaman
07 Mar 2024

Over 10 percent more than the others were selling for

I'd just like to recommend Ozway services for selling the property that we have.

I have to say that it was an excellent service that Barry offered. We had a certain price in mind and I had no idea what Barry would be able to achieve.

I mean it was just absolutely magnificent. In the block of apartments where we live, there were three units were up for sale, and Barry surpassed not only those prices, but by a substantial percentage, like over 10 percent more than the others were selling for, and I have to thank Barry for that.

All the way through the process, information was flowing, it was on a regular basis, he consulted with me to make sure that I was comfortable with the price.

When I was ready to settle at a price, Barry encouraged me to stay in, which he could've easily said, “no, that's it Mark, we've got the sale.” But as it turned out, holding back allowed him to introduce new buyers that he pushed a little bit extra, and wow what an amazing result.

I know that the new owners will be extremely happy with what they've got, and of course I'm absolutely over the moon with the price we got.

So I really would just like to say thank you very much Barry, and I would recommend Barry and his services to anyone, and indeed I have to a member of my family already, so yeah and I wish them the best of luck. Thanks again Barry – cheers!

Mark Flint

- Mark Flint
07 Mar 2024

Lauren Brant from Hi-5

Hi, I’m Lauren Brant, and I’m actually from Hi-5, which some of you might know.

I had the pleasure of working with Barry in selling my apartment. I sort of just put it out there to see what the interest was, not expecting to get the price I wanted, and within a week, I actually had a pretty high offer. I was a bit cheeky and said, “Hey Barry can you please just keep it on the market for maybe another couple of weeks.” By the next weekend I had signed a contract for the highest amount that I had actually asked for in advertising my place, which I didn’t think I’d get.

And Barry made it completely easy to get all the contracts signed, get everything worked out. The clients that bought the place as well as myself were extremely happy with him. So he’s my good mate Bazza now!

And I would highly recommend Barry to sell anyone’s property, even if you don’t know if you want to sell or not. Just to see what the interest is out there. He does a great job. Completely takes all of the work out of your hands, and makes everything extremely easy to deal with.

So I recommend Ozway Realty, and Barry!


- Lauren Brant
10 Feb 2014