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16% more than the local agent experts + Good value marketing investment

We had our property on the market with one of the areas leading agents for over 6 months and after spending several thousands of dollars to “find a buyer” the best offer they tried to get us to take was $974,000. After interviewing Ozway we discovered that there was a whole different way to sell they all the other agents were not doing or suggesting. Ozway sold our property in just 5 weeks and their marketing campaign generated 49 additional buyers who didn’t know our property was on the market and got us sold for $1,150,000. That’s $176,000 more in our bank accou...

Anthony Hersh

$140,000 more than the local area agent experts

Hello my name is Alan Keyes, I am the owner of 53 Flood Street and we have recently sold this property through Ozway Realty. Our previous agents, who shall not be named but there a very large well known brand on the market, managed to achieve an offer for us of $1,500,000 which we refused, which wasn’t enough. Ozway managed to realise a price for us of $1,640,000 and a very short settlement time. Their straight forward attitude and honesty, was very much appreciated as previously we’d been with another agent who had recommended that we put it on the market for a...

Alan Keyes

I didn't have to spend $6,000 or $7,000 dollars on marketing and sold above other agents

The agent that I actually went with initially, with them they said that I could get, you know, about 150 to 200 thousand more than it actually sold for, and I knew that was a bit unrealistic, but they tried every tactic for me to try and actually bring down that price, you know, by another 50 thousand. "Oh let's get more people here, if we reduce the price we can get more people in." The appraisals that agents were giving, you know, they'd give you a really high price and they'd come down, and everyone knows that that's what they do. So, you know one of the agents quo...

Maz Zaman

Over 10 percent more than the others were selling for

I'd just like to recommend Ozway services for selling the property that we have. I have to say that it was an excellent service that Barry offered. We had a certain price in mind and I had no idea what Barry would be able to achieve. I mean it was just absolutely magnificent. In the block of apartments where we live, there were three units were up for sale, and Barry surpassed not only those prices, but by a substantial percentage, like over 10 percent more than the others were selling for, and I have to thank Barry for that. All the way through the process, i...

Mark Flint

Lauren Brant from Hi-5

Hi, I’m Lauren Brant, and I’m actually from Hi-5, which some of you might know. I had the pleasure of working with Barry in selling my apartment. I sort of just put it out there to see what the interest was, not expecting to get the price I wanted, and within a week, I actually had a pretty high offer. I was a bit cheeky and said, “Hey Barry can you please just keep it on the market for maybe another couple of weeks.” By the next weekend I had signed a contract for the highest amount that I had actually asked for in advertising my place, which I didn’t think I’d get. ...

Lauren Brant

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